4 reasons to return to Fleuriste
Elisabeth Heinrichs March 10, 2016

Already in 2012 I wrote a blog post about why one should visit this local café while in Helsinki. Now, four years later, this jewel of Design District Helsinki still shines bright and I thought it would be fun to write a post about why you should revisit Fleuriste, or if you’re a first timer – why this is a must-visit!

Kuva: Elisabeth Heinrichs
At Fleuriste, good scents & art meet. Photo: Elisabeth Heinrichs

French-Finnish atmosphere

In this café I always feel at ease because it’s visually so appealing. The table in front of the window is my favorite – from here you can admire Helsinki’s street view and daydream with a cup of coffee in your hand. On the inside, this café’s neutral colors function as a great canvas for varying exhibitions and the chandelier brings elegance to Uudenmaankatu street. This living room like café is cozy, but stylish at the same time. The owner, Eija Limnell, is a book & art lover, so she hosts exhibitions, courses, concerts and literature and poetry evenings in the café. Keep yourself updated by following the café’s Facebook page.


Cakes, cinnamon buns and tarts

Last time I wrote about the café, I felt that the food supply was quite good – but I must admit, in four years, it has become even better! Four years ago many products were bought in from other producers, but nowadays as good as all products that are for sale, have been made in Fleuriste’s own kitchen. Now, there is a selection of Finnish treats available, but the French fruit tarts, quiches and croissants are still for sale as well.

When I ask the owner about Fleuriste’s most popular product, she mentions the chocolate cake and cinnamon buns. I can understand why: Fleuriste’s cinnamon buns have a little bit of salt in them, and it plays a big role in their taste. The chocolate cake is delicious. Limnell also arranges baking courses nowadays under the name Fleuriste Baking Club (€60-75/person). During lunch hours, the most popular combination (€18,50) is one that combines a salad, cake slice and cup of coffee/tea.

Kuva: Elisabeth Heinrichs
Fleuriste’s most popular products: cinnamon buns and chocolate cake. Photo: Elisabeth Heinrichs

Café shop

Fleuriste also hosts a café shop that offers products of local coffee roastery Helsingin kahvipaahtimo, as well as books, postcards and food treats.

Kuva: Elisabeth Heinrichs
Fleuriste’s café shop. Photo: Elisabeth Heinrichs

Flower service

Despite the fact that flowers don’t play as an important role in this café as they did before, Limnell still organizes floristry courses (about €50/2h/person) at Fleuriste. You will for sure remember the flower arrangements you see at Fleuriste, as they are always flawless.

Fleuriste, Uudenmaankatu 13, http://fleuriste.fi/