5 x gay bars in Helsinki – these are a must-see!
Guest Blogger March 18, 2016

Despite the fact that Helsinki is, compared to the rest of the world, a relatively small capital, its liberal Northern gay life is very lively! Helsinki Pride gets more popular year by year, and it’s a great example of how the Helsinki lifestyle is not judgemental at all and that the local gay scene is live & kicking, and everyone can be themselves in the city as they wish.

This has been noted nationally as well as internationally! I have heard many gay tourists saying that Helsinki’s gay lifestyle surprised them with its liveliness and I agree to 100 percent. After having seen plenty of nightlife and gay capitals all around the world, Helsinki is surprisingly on the top of my list! Somehow, hilarious Finns and rainbow colors suit each other well and when you combine the two with the local nightlife and a few sparkling cocktails, the result is nothing less than a pure diamond. This inspired me to list the hottest gay hotspots in Helsinki in 2016 – here we go!

Otto tuntee Helsingin sateenkaarikuviot kuin omat taskunsa! Kuvan toimittanut Otto Lilja
Otto knows the gay life in Helsinki like the back of his hand! Photo provided by Otto Lilja


G Lounge

The most recent nightclub in Helsinki is the new sky bar & club – G Lounge. It is in the center of Helsinki, on shopping centre Forum’s 8th and 9th floor.

G Lounge has been opened in the space of a former exclusive VIP club, BLÄK, and it welcomes all open-minded and hype-loving visitors. It absolutely dazzles its guest with its attractive deco and spectacular views over the roofs of Helsinki.

Whereas it’s perfectly fine to have a glass of bubbles in the morning in G Lounge, it’s a non-stop party after the sky bar transfers into a banging club where the DJ keeps you entertained until 4am. Every day!

One of the best things is definitely the Sunday brunch from 1pm-4pm. From 6pm onwards, the customers will be accompanied by a sparkling Drag Bingo.

G Lounge, Simonkatu 8, https://www.facebook.com/GloungeHelsinki



The legendary Hercules doesn’t really need introducing! The city’s most relaxed and tolerant gay bar focuses especially on grown-up gay men without excluding any joyful visitors. The vibe is warm and liberal and the service is probably Helsinki’s best. Practically anything is possible in Hercules and the party rarely stops after the last call.

Hercules is probably the easiest place to go to, where you would most definitely never feel like an outsider. The inexpensive drinks, liberal lively atmosphere and daily, long, opening hours make Hercules a living legend. By the way, Hercules has moved to a new gorgeous venue.

Hercules, Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu 21 B, http://www.herculesgayclub.com/



In the centre of everything stands the enormous DTM – Don’t Tell Mama, which is Helsinki’s most famous and the Nordic region’s biggest gay nightclub. Only its interior is a reason enough to pay the place a visit! DTM is the place to where you go for ultimate clubbing and the whole venue is bouncing especially on the weekends. It’s perhaps not the place to go for if you’re looking for a quieter night.

Super colourful customers, huge dance floors, numerous events and multiple themed bars guarantee the most memorable nights. If you want to experience the gay life in Helsinki in the greatest way and party like you have never partied before – DTM is definitely for you!

DTM, Mannerheimintie 9, http://dtm.fi/



Intimate, European and overall charming. This charismatic and ambient corner pub in the heart of Helsinki is perfect for a little more relaxed night in a classy way. When you walk in, you will be noticed and due to the intimate space, it is super easy to connect with the other customers. Cavalier is a bit more of a mature place, but as all the gay bars in Helsinki – it welcomes all the cheerful sensualists.

Though Cavalier is rather small, its ‘what’s on’ list is long, so their Facebook page is definitely worth checking out!

If you are new in the city and you haven’t been able to meet anyone, or you just want to have a nice conversation, Cavalier is the place to be!

Cavalier, Malminrinne 2-4, http://www.cafecavalier.com/index.html



Next to “Kisahalli”, Töölö Sports Hall, is a bit more unusual spot for the sun-loving gay people. Freedom is only open in the summertime, but it’s hard to find a more Helsinki-like setting during that time of the year!

Freedom’s outdoor summer disco as well as karaoke is my own summer’s saviour even though I do indeed hate the latter. The atmosphere of those summer nights is just so sweet that even hate turns into the deepest love. And this location is definitely ideal for the joggers; when you have had enough of circling around Töölönlahti Bay, Freedom is right there for you to have a pint of something cold. After work(out) – go and find out yourselves! On this sunny terrace you can definitely feel the summer with a capital letter S!

Freedom, Mäntymäki 2, http://freedombar.fi/


Written by Otto Lilja.

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