A complete spectrum of Finnish tastes – a new food event in the heart of the city!
Elisabeth Heinrichs August 22, 2011
Source: Herkkujen Suomi

The events Herkkujen Suomi (Finland of delicacies) and Syystober are organized on the Railway Square in the end of this week, 26th-27th of August. The event assembles nearly 80 local and organic food producers from dozens of localities in Finland.

According to the organizers the Herkkujen Suomi event presents the Finnish food and culture spectrum emphasizing Finnish food origin and strengths.  Local tastes are interconnected in the provincal divisions where more than twohundred locals present delicacies from their province. In the different parts of the event field various provinces are presented. Even Finnish countryside is showcased.

Besides the food products, the event programme has a lot of musical performances that are suitable for the whole family.

As a part of the Herkkujen Suomi event there is a Syystober beer festival on the same event grounds. The Finnish beer festival is now organized for the third time and follows the footsteps of the famous Octoberfest, in much smaller scale though. Syystober is an event for beer lovers who haven’t yet tried Finnish beer or is interested in beers of smaller breweries.