Enjoy the combination of a coffee and flower shop at Fleuriste!
Elisabeth Heinrichs March 23, 2012

The beautiful flower arrangement in café Fleuriste’s window gives the passer-by a clue of what is in store on the inside. The sympathetic owner has successfully combined a coffee and flower shop in the Design District Helsinki – what a lovely idea!

The owner says that she got the idea for the café from her travelling in Italy, Germany and Estonia where she saw similar coffee and flower shop combinations. She wanted to bring the concept to Finland so that locals and why not visitors could feel like they would be travelling while in Helsinki, without the need to travel abroad. The international feel is embodied in the owner’s language skills – she speaks Finnish, Swedish, English and French.

The café premises have been divided into two parts. When entering, one step into a café that has 15 seats. One the right side of the back wall of the café there are some stairs leading up to the backroom where one finds a flower paradise: a beautiful characteristic flower shop where the lamps, lanterns and terrace furniture from abroad create an international atmosphere. Among the flowers scents it’s easy to sense the owner’s florist background and a genuine love and passion for flowers. The owner makes modern bouquets and flower arrangements based on her traditional learning in France.

One can sense true love and respect towards food in the café: the products have been carefully chosen and the owner assures their freshness. Good service is another thing that she has emphasized. Fleuriste favors organic and fare trade products to improve sustainable development. Fleuriste also supports the employment of handicapped youngsters and offers them internship possibilities in the café. The café co-operates with some local actors as well, among others café Ekberg, Patisserie Teemu & Markus and Kaffecentralen.

Immediately in front of the entrance, there is a piano that the waitress says that she plays from time to time. Apparently even customers brighten up the café by playing on it, and the staff warmly recommends it!

Flowers form a substantial part in the otherwise harmonic grey interior. Underneath the beautiful chandelier one can enjoy some silence in the middle of the flower scents and colors or acquaint oneself with Finnish organic herb farm Frantsila’s flower remedies that are based on Edward Bach’s alternative medicine. According to Frantsila there are 24 Finnish flowers that help with typical problems like shyness, spiritual balance, concentration and increasing one’s immune system.

Weekdays the café offers breakfast between 10am-2pm for €10, including organic juice, yoghurt, a croissant/sandwich, muesli, coffee/tea/hot chocolate. The café has 12 different types of tea available.
In weekends on the other hand the café offers brunch possibilities. The brunch consists of the dish of the day, a salad or soup plus a piece of delicious cake for the price of €16. The breakfast and brunch are served to the table.

A unique feature of this café is the possibility to book the backroom flower shop for brunch parties of 10 persons, with no extra charge.

What could be a better place for brunch?