Lappish winter in summery Helsinki!
Elisabeth Heinrichs July 6, 2011
Source: Unique Lapland Helsinki

Despite rumors, one can find a Lappish winter wonderland also this summer in Kivikko, northeast Helsinki! Unique Lapland Helsinki, that is located in Ylläs-halli, has for the second time now brought reindeers and husky dogs to sultry Helsinki! A large sport hall gives the fantasy world its unique setting.

The services of Unique Lapland Helsinki are available on a daily basis between the 15th of May and the 15th of August at 10am-7pm.

The services are meant both for groups and individuals.

A visit in the -5-degree-cold winter wonderland, that consists of a sled hill, ice skating rink, igloo hotel and ice bar and restaurant, costs 20€/adult, 17€/child (children of 4-14 years) and includes all of the mentioned components. One can also enjoy a husky ride for 20€/person, or a reindeer ride for 15€/person in the winter wonderland. There exists even a ready made package called Arctic Animals that includes both a regular visit to the winter wonderland and a husky and reindeer ride.This package costs 52€/adult, 49€/child (children of 4-14 years).

Source: Unique Lapland Helsinki

All visitors get some thermal clothing (overall, socks and thermal boots), fit for wintry conditions, from Unique Lapland Helsinki’s dressing hall.

Sleeping in the extraordinary igloo hotel costs 125€/person/night, including besides the hotel room with its sleeping bag and bed linens even an entry to the winter wonderland, shower, locker, sauna and breakfast. Unique Lapland Helsinki’s hotel is the only all-year-around open igloo hotel in the world!

The spectacular ice bar can be visited daily during Unique Lapland Helsinki’s opening hours when visiting the winter wonderland. In case one wants to buy some of the bar products, one has to make sure though that the bar is open for customers.  During the summer a lot of cruise visitors visit the winter wonderland and during their visits the ice bar is always open for customers.

The winter wonderland’s ice bar, restaurant and igloo hotel are made out of artifical snow and ice which ensures that they can be visited throughout the year!