NBE = bloggers, experiences and Arctic Finland
Guest Blogger February 12, 2016

Year after year blogging has become an even more powerful part of international travel marketing and Finland is one of the international pioneers in the industry. The Nordic Blogger’s Experience, in short NBE, which is built around the annual MATKA Nordic Travel Fair, is one of the year’s hottest travel blog campaigns and I was honoured to be an official NBE Finnish host blogger this year.

nbeFinland. Kuva: Hendrik Morkel
nbeFinland. Photo: Hendrik Morkel

What is it all about?

Every year NBE gathers international travel bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers and other travel marketing industry professionals together at the MATKA Nordic Travel Fair. This year 45 international full-board content producers came to Finland for NBE. Their game plan is quite simple; international content producers are invited to Finland and they have  a week of arranged events and experiences ahead of them together with various sponsors and Finnish host bloggers. The action-packed week culminates in the content producers own channels, through which Finland gets authentic and eventful visibility as a tourist friendly country on the international market.

NBE’s task is extremely important and altogether the active week reaches internationally an audience of millions of people over the world.


So what does the NBE week include?

1. Experiences

Ice swimming in Helsinki’s Lauttasaari Island, smoke sauna in the nature and rolling in the snow. Quite exotic for an international tourist’s point of view, huh? Also husky riding in Lapland, downhill skiing in the mountains, walking in snow and meditating in the forest. Makes sense, yeah?

Not to mention the Finnish cuisine’s most delicious dishes, parties, laughter and plenty of Helsinki Gin. Next morning of course some traditional Finnish fried sausages on the grill and then some free time in the urban streets of Helsinki. The NBE week proved that this works just perfectly. For everyone.

Our guests were offered experiences all across Finland, from Helsinki to Karelia and all the way up to Finnish Lapland. Exotic wintery experiences and just amazing inspiring company are always the key elements to good content creation.

Ps. Have to add that travelling with other bloggers is just the best thing as this is the only time when using your phone whilst eating, scrolling through social media when others are talking and being late ‘cause you just had to stop and take that selfie is perfectly fine! Would be a whole different story with your family.

2. Networking

Where the week includes loads of amazing experiences and great time spent together, its also full of hard working. Blogging is ever-growing business and the fact that it is more visible every year proves that staying up to date with everything and developing as the business does is a must.

NBE and the MATKA Travel Fair gathers travel marketing professionals from all over the world, and with some help various trainings, lectures, panel discussions and one to one meetings between the content producers and sponsors are organised. The week has been built around MATKA and it has to be the most important time for the travel scene in Finland. It is also an excellent opportunity to make contacts with national and international travel professionals.


Bloggaajat: Otto Lilja, Arna Grym, Evina Terrón, Denise Van Rijswijk & Michael Ankermüller. Kuvan toimittanut Otto Lilja.
Bloggers: Otto Lilja, Arna Grym, Evina Terrón, Denise Van Rijswijk & Michael Ankermüller. Photo provided by Otto Lilja

3. Get togethers

I think I have made life-lasting friendships during the NBE week. When likeminded people who work in the industry are put together you create not only good friendships but also plenty of projects. Passionate and creative people together will most likely always produce interesting job opportunities and other spare time projects, and this time was no different.

One of the key factors of NBE is to make sure everyone is having a great time together as it surely is a step towards success. I had around billion projects going on by the end of the week and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

nbeFinland. Kuva: Hendrik Morkel
nbeFinland. Photo: Hendrik Morkel

Weeks like these, spent with a bunch or great people doing amazing things together, normally end up with a big party – and oh my what parties we had during the week! In the beginning of the week we went to a “house warming party” organised by Forenom. The travel exhibition ended up with Finnish travel bloggers organised mega party at Radisson Blu Plaza hotel and the whole NBE week culminated in Visit Helsinki’s party at the #HelsinkiSecret Residence.

It was my pleasure and honor to be part of this year’s NBE as an official host blogger. My inbox, WhatsApp and Facebook are flooded in messages and it looks like the end of the year will be super busy! Hel yeah and big yeiii NBE!

Written by Otto Lilja.

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