Elisabeth Heinrichs / March 14, 2012

New restaurant Kiila offers an unforeseen viewing point in the pulsating center of the city!

The corner of Mannerheimintie and Kalevankatu has got a new fresh look! The new stylish restaurant Kiila Food & Bar that opened on the 2nd of March flaunts opposite of Stockmann’s department store and the famous sculpture of the Three Smiths. There have been restaurants before on the premises but the space has never before felt so spacious!

Source: restaurant Kiila / Tuukka Erkkilä

The name Kiila stands for the English word wedge which has a variety of meanings, e.g. viewing or focus point.

The ample view upon Mannerheimintie, which has been created by raising the window level, has proven many times before to add popularity to food and drink places, so one can gladly say that the place has got its needed renewal. This perspective to the city isn’t found anywhere else.

Source: restaurant Kiila / Tuukka Erkkilä

Subsequent to the renewal, the bar has become the center of the restaurant and gives a sense of life to the space with its easy-going bartenders.

Source: restaurant Kiila / Tuukka Erkkilä

The beautiful lamps, lanterns and candlesticks add artistry and design to the space, and the visitor can’t be without noticing the restaurateur’s sense of visuality which is founded on her theatrical background. The restaurant is dominated by a harmonic color scheme: black, white and natural wooden colors. Silver and bronze function as highlight colors. The fun retro chairs in front of the open kitchen bring some antiquity to the otherwise modern restaurant.

Source: restaurant Kiila / Tuukka Erkkilä

The restaurant has a life on a busy schedule like the city itself, and pulsates from morning to late night. During weekdays it offers breakfast, in the weekend brunch, and besides these there is always lunch and dinner available. The tables next to the entrance are designed for by passers; there one can enjoy a cup of coffee while working or just hang out in the continuum of one’s living room.

Source: restaurant Kiila / Tuukka Erkkilä

The worldly menu ranges, according to the head chef, from Stockholm to San Francisco. A refreshing novelty in town are the delicious crab cakes with mango salad. The tasty sweet potato fries are good even without any side dish or sauce. Vegetarians have also been taken into consideration in a versatile way while planning the menu.

Kiila offers a shorter menu during lunchtime where one finds chicken wings, salads, hamburgers and sushi for 7-14,80€. The dinner menu is longer and ranges from blackened salmon to Black Angus sirloin beef. Innovative taste combinations can be found in all dishes. The price range for the main courses is 18-27,50€.

Have you already seen Helsinki from this viewing point?

Killa Food & Bar’s opening hours are: Mon–Tue 08–24 (kitchen –23), Wed-Thu 08–02 (kitchen –23), Fri 08–03 (kitchen –24), Sat 09–03 (kitchen –24), Sun 11– (kitchen –21)