Pop in at grandmother’s place when you’re in Vantaa!
Elisabeth Heinrichs March 22, 2012

At a walking distance from the Finnish science center Heureka there’s a traveler treat called restaurant Mummola (in English: grandmother’s place). The 400 meter long walk from Tikkurila’s train station is carefree – you only need to walk straight and make one right turn.

While climbing up the stairs that take you to the restaurant, you are transported into the cozy world of antiquities. Passing by the comfortable looking sofa ensemble, you reach a rural spirit restaurant which each item is carefully selected, and where you can hear a gramophone playing. There are both long tables suitable for groups and smaller tables for four persons available. The restaurant that fits 100 persons is spacious but genuinely homey.

The main dining hall, as well as the second smaller dining room, is interior wise intimate with its inestimable paintings, photographs and interior items. Each table and chair has been found and collected at different auctions and flea markets.

The delightful restaurant counter beside the fireplace functions as the heart of the restaurant. According to the restaurant’s spirit one can lend reading glasses from the tea cart, which stands in front of the counter, to read the menu if one’s sight is otherwise not good enough. From the same basket, made out of birch tree, one can pick up the business card of the restaurant.

The restaurant has a lot of lovely interior details: next to the counter there is a wall covered with antique Finnish china (e.g. Arabia’s china) and the customer can even buy dishes as souvenirs.

On the right side of the entrance there is a small souvenir shop corner from where one can buy organic and local products, like lollipops, jam, mushrooms, honey, marmalades, handmade lace kerchiefs, woolen socks and rag rugs. One can also admire old bicycles as they stand just next to the souvenir corner.

At this restaurant, some thought has been given to even the toilets. The wooden doors of the toilets remind you of an outhouse which you find at summer cottages in the countryside of all Finns. In the relatively modern (compared to the rest of the restaurant) children’s corner even children feel at home.

One of the waitresses knows to tell that the restaurant is visited from time to time by lent “grandmothers”, older ladies coming from the Martha organization, that come to spend time with restaurant customers. This if nothing else embodies the name of the restaurant.

Restaurant Mummola naturally emphasizes on Finnish cuisine. Weekdays it offers lunches in buffet form for a reasonable €9. Soup lunched, including salads, are €8. Finnish dishes, like reindeer (€14,90), smoked salmon (€16,80), vendace (€14,90) and meatballs with mashed potatoes (€15,20), are also found on the a la carte menu. The restaurant is open only at lunchtime on Mondays and Tuesdays. Otherwise the restaurant has quite comprehensive opening hours (Wed-Thu 10.30am-9pm, Fri 10.30am-10pm, Sat 12pm-10pm, Sun 12pm-6pm).

Restaurant Mummola is a rarity also in the sense that it has sauna facilities. With its Finnish sauna products, it offers a unique experience to a traveler. The modern Jacuzzi adds a sense of luxury in the sauna facilities.

In addition, the restaurant has wonderful meeting rooms and changing art exhibitions. The restaurant is visitor friendly also because it stays open in July which is Finland’s holiday season.

When have you last visited grandmother’s place?