The confessions of a kids’ clothes fan – 3+ 1 favorite stores in Helsinki
Marianne Saukkonen April 3, 2016

I admit. I do like kids’ clothes a lot. Sometimes you might think I’m vain. I like stripes, graphic patterns, B&W, sometimes colors as well, fun prints, sustainable materials, fun and functional models. I do listen to my children’s opinions and wishes but often I shop alone (and luckily mostly my kids do like what I buy for them). Some shops have become my favorites and where I find my treasures.

Punavuoren peikko 5
Punavuoren Peikko in spring colors. Photo: Marianne Saukkonen

1. Harakanpesäshop
Harakanpesäshop started a couple of years ago as a second hand web shop but changed then into a store selling also new ecological children’s clothes. The assortment concentrated on Finnish kids brands only and is nowadays a Finnish design clothing store that sells also adults clothing made by the brands known for their kids clothes.

Harakanpesäshop on Eerikinkatu is a cosy shop that selling Finnish brands such as Mainio Clothing, Vimma, Aarrekid and  Papu. Along these you can find Vietto for women, beanies from Nopsupopsu or woolen accessories from Kauneve in the shop. They also have a small second hand section where I have made a good bargain of almost unused shoes very affordably. The selection in the shop of my favorite Finnish brands is excellent and the setting in the store is very beautiful and tempting.

Harakanpesäshop, Finnish Design for Kids and Grown-ups, Eerikinkatu 9,

Harakanpesa shop ulkokuva
Harakanpesäshop. Photo: Marianne Saukkonen
Harakanpesa shop
Harakanpesäshop and owner Marika. Photo: Marianne Saukkonen
Harakanpesa shop 3
Harakanpesäshops selection. Photo: Marianne Saukkonen


2. Punavuoren peikko
The store was founded in 2007 to meet the demand of small off-mainstream children’s clothing brands along with ecological cotton children’s clothing that was missing on the market in Helsinki. Today, there are several shops selling these products as well but Punavuoren peikko has continued successfully in this field ever since.

The shop represents an excellent selection of brands, for example my favorite foreign brands, Swedish Mini Rodini and Danish Molo Kids, among many more lovely brands. In addition, the shop represents the pram Bugaboo. When new seasonal collections are released, Punavuoren Peikko always have a good selection of goodies (as well as a lot of costumers). Punavuoren Peikko’s location is also great as the nearby hoods offer a number of interesting interior design shops you can visit during the same trip.

Punavuoren peikko, Uudenmaankatu 15,

Punavuoren peikko 3
Punavuoren peikko. Photo: Marianne Saukkonen
Punavuoren peikko ulkokuva
Punavuoren peikko. Photo: Marianne Saukkonen
Punavuoren peikko 2
Punavuoren peikko. Photo: Marianne Saukkonen


3. Stockmann

The department stores children’s department is extensive and represents all from basic clothes to specialties. There is a big and good shoe department, as well as a good selection of outdoor clothing, varying by the season (selling for example Molo outdoor clothes that we find very functional). The department store is just so conveniently along the way with a range so large that I often go there when I need to find something precisely.

Stockmann, Helsinki city centre, Aleksanterinkatu 52,

Stockmann lastenvaateosasto 2
Stockmann department store. Photo: Marianne Saukkonen
Stockmann lasten kengät
Stockmann department store. Photo: Marianne Saukkonen
Stockmann lastenvaateosasto 3
Stockmann department store. Photo: Marianne Saukkonen


+1 Different events

Several sales events such as the Design Market in autumn and Ornamo Design Christmas Market in the end of the year, have in recent years offered possibilities for shopping as domestic children’s clothing brands have showed own sales stalls and sold products of previous seasons along with new collections at the events. At the Child Fair in spring many brands and clothing stores have their own fair stands selling old collections with a discount along with showing off their new collections. Many times I’ve made some good bargains and had a chance to update my kids’ closets at these events. Also, at times, domestic brands have pop-up shops in the center of Helsinki and in the shopping centers around the town and they too have offered great possibilities for shopping (eg. Metsola pop-up shops in shopping centers and Vimma clothing pop-up shops in the city center. Next Vimma pop-up shop is actually opening in the beginning of April at the Tori quarters.)

Photo: Marianne Saukkonen
Photo: Marianne Saukkonen
Harakanpesa shop 4
Harakanpesäshop’s selection. Photo: Marianne Saukkonen

There are plenty of nice children’s clothing shops in Helsinki in addition to these, selling new clothes as well as second hand, but this is a listing of my personal favorites. I hope the list is helpful if you are coming to Helsinki to do some shopping and find something nice for your kids!