The most glorious venues of Helsinki
Guest Blogger March 17, 2016

Helsinki is full of glamorous, impressive and distinctive venues. Some are well-known, but there are lots of gems that the public is not aware of. I want to give you a glance behind the curtains and take you to an exploration into the world of Helsinki’s event venues!


The Theatre Museum

The Theatre Museum is located in Cable Factory in Salmisaari. The mission of the museum is to cherish Finnish dance and theatre heritage. The venue is ample, colourful and mystical—just like a theatre should be.

Teatterimuseossa pääsee kurkkaamaan kulisseihin ja tutustumaan puvustuksiin, lavasteisiin, pienoismalleihin ja muihin yksityiskohtiin suomalaisen teatterihistorian varrelta. Kuva: Teatterimuseo
In the Theatre Museum, you can peek at the scenes and explore the costumes, set designs, miniatures and other details from the Finnish theatre history. Photo: Roni Tamminen
Kuva: Teatterimuseo
Photo: Roni Tamminen

The Theatre Museum is open for everyone. The speciality is that you can rent the museum for a private event, whether for yourself or for a company. It is possible to celebrate in the magical theatre milieu!

The Theatre Museum, Tallberginkatu 1 G,
Fits 80-130 persons.


The Roof Sauna & Conference

Luxurious, unique, wow. These are the typical first impressions of The Roof sauna venue.

Tämä tila ei ole skandinaavisen pelkistetty eikä mustavalkoinen ja juuri siksi uniikki ja hieno! Kuva: The Roof
The Roof is not plain or grayscale in the typical Scandinavian style—The Roof is elegant of its own kind. Photo: The Roof
Kuva: The Roof
Photo: The Roof

The Roof is located—you guessed it—over the rooftops in the marine Lauttasaari Island. The venue is used solely for private events, so if you want to see the place with your own eyes, you better throw a party there! Past events in the Roof have varied from company meetings to milestone birthdays, and from sauna parties to bachelor parties. You hear people talking about luxury in the ordinary days. The Roof is just that.

The Roof, Vattuniemenkatu 21,
Fits 25-30 persons.


Gallery Forum Box

Forum Box is a modern art gallery in a former cold storage room. Forum Box aims to be a space open for all forms of art. In the gallery, you can get outside of your own box and find new, interesting contemporary artists.

Galleria Forum Boxissa järjestetään erilaisia taidetapahtumia, mutta tila on avoin myös muille tapahtumille yritys- ja yksityiskäyttöön. Kuva: Galleria Forum Box
Various art events are organized in Forum Box, but the venue is suitable for other types of private events, too. Photo: Gallery Forum Box
Kuva: Galleria Forum Box
Photo: Gallery Forum Box

The urban surfaces add roughness and the present exhibition puts the finishing touches on the event.

Gallery Forum Box, Ruoholahdenranta 3 A,
Fits 80-120 persons.



It seems there is everything in Rupla: excellent art exhibitions, tasty raw cakes, a second-hand store for vintage lovers, and the Helsinki atmosphere. Also, the furniture in Rupla is for sale, so if the armchair feels extra comfy, you can take it with you when you leave.

Kyseessä on siis todellinen luova tila, jossa tuntuu, että mikä vaan on mahdollista ja kaikki onnistuu. Kuva: Rupla
The venue is a truly creative place, where you start to feel that anything is possible and everything succeeds. Photo: Rupla
Kuva: Rupla
Photo: Rupla

It’s not a big surprise that you can hold private events in Rupla, too. Whatever you can imagine wanting from an event, Rupla most likely will fulfil it—and more.

Rupla, Helsinginkatu 16,
Fits 40-80 persons.


Remember to use your imagination when organizing an event in Helsinki. Because, in Helsinki, there really is a venue for every taste and style.

Written by Suvi Joensivu /

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