Top 5 Helsinki brunches
Guest Blogger March 13, 2015

Brunch is amongst my favourite meals, simply because it’s usually held with great company and you’re allowed to eat for several hours and sip on some sparkling wine with no regrets whatsoever. Helsinki has some great options to offer, although they tend to be more on the pricier side, but always worth it! Here are my top picks for Helsinki brunches.


Famous for it’s Middle-Eastern inspired huge portions, great cocktails and casual dinner atmosphere, Sandro has also climbed up high on peoples’ favourite brunch buffet spots. A massive selection of salads, cakes, cheese, smoothies (!) and all kinds of delicious treats are only too inviting to spend a whole day here and enjoy every single thing they offer. On Saturdays there’s the Green Brunch for Vegetarians and Vegans, Sundays are for the infamous Marrakech Madness brunch. Reserve a table well in advance and don’t eat for two days before you go.

Photo: Ansgar Frankenberg
Photo: Ansgar Frankenberg

Vegetarian/Vegan Brunch: Saturdays 10:00-16:00

Marrakech Madness Brunch: Sundays 10:00-16:00

(different seatings)


Kolmas Linja 17 (Kallio) and Tehtaankatu 34 (Eira)



An all-you-can-eat-pizza-brunch with a live Jazz-band and included sparkling wine? What more do you need to be sold to this? Maybe that the Pjazza guys leave their pizza dough to rise for over 72 hours? The huge restaurant still has relaxed and modern vibes and is definitely the only pizza brunch I have heard of so far. Along with the brunch deal comes a buffet of Italian appetizers and all kinds of tasty things, such as this massive cheese (which is the only relevant picture you need).

Photo: Eva Kiviranta
Photo: Eva Kiviranta

Jazz brunch: Sundays 11:00-17:00


Yrjönkatu 18 B



There are not too many things I miss from living in Germany, but real “brötchen” (bread rolls) and some of their pastries are certainly amongst them. They technically call it a “breakfast buffet”, but it still falls under the category of eating all day and such, freshly baked goods and home-made jams make this a nice and more traditional option for your weekend-morning meals. Also smaller breakfast plates are served alongside the buffet.

Photo: Kathrin Deter
Photo: Kathrin Deter

Saturday and Sunday Breakfast buffet: 9:00-18:00


Mariankatu 13B



Still one of my favourite places to have brunch: Kuja falls in the category of a cool Helsinki style hotspot for food-loving locals who gather here to enjoy the amazing selection of salads, ribs (!) delicious brownies and the waffles you can bake yourself. Table reservations are again recommended!

Short Saturday Brunch: 11:00-12:30

Sunday Brunch: from 10:30 on


Hakaniemenkatu 7



Tucked away in the most beautiful neighbourhood that is Punavuori, Maya offers probably one of the finest and most diverse brunches I have tried. Being very Helsinki-style and innovative, Maya has quickly gained a reputation for both their amazing lunches as well as their brunch, which you can enjoy on weekends. Well worth a stroll though the district! A true Helsinki gem you got here.

Photo: Kathrin Deter
Photo: Kathrin Deter

Saturday and Sunday Brunch: 10:00-16:00


Punavuorenkatu 3

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