Vegan’s favorites: 3 delicious vegan eateries in Helsinki
Guest Blogger March 10, 2016

Veganism has become increasingly popular in recent years. These days vegans don’t need to compromise on having good food in the city, since Helsinki has a bunch of wonderful restaurants and cafes that offer great vegan food.



Whenever hanging around in Hakaniemi, it’s always a pleasure to have a lunch in cozy restaurant Silvoplee.

Silvoplee on varsinainen hyvinvoinnin keidas. Kuva: Hanna Kärppä
Silvoplee is a real oasis of well-being. Photo: Hanna Kärppä
Silvopleen lounasbuffet on suosittu, eikä ihme: notkuvassa noutopöydässä on varaa valita, ja nirsoimmatkin lapsiasiakkaat löytävät ruokavalikoimasta mieleisensä. Kuva: Hanna Kärppä
Silvoplee’s lunch buffet is popular, and no wonder: the buffet table can offers almost every vegetarian dish you can think of, and even the pickiest child guests will find dishes they’ll love. Photo: Hanna Kärppä
Kuva: Hanna Kärppä
Silvoplee’s lunch buffet. Photo: Hanna Kärppä

On a Thursday at noon Silvoplee’s tables are packed with customers: working people, students, pensioners and mothers with young children.

Silvoplee’s buffet consists of about thirty-course varied selection. There are a variety of salads, fresh fruits, fermented vegetables, sprouts, bean sprouts, marinated vegetables, sauces, fresh porridge, soups and warm dishes.

As I visit Silvoplee, all the dishes are vegan except one salad which includes cheese and one salad dressing which contains honey. According to Silvoplee’s website about 65 percent of the used food is organic and over half is raw food, which hasn’t been heated in over 40 degrees.

I have to warn you: it’s easy to go all nuts at this lunch buffet. The buffet is bursting with so many wonderful, healthy and tasty vegan treats that one is tempted to taste everything!

Valitsen lautaselleni monenkirjavan setin: vihreää salaattia, samettista avokado- sekä punijuurimoussea, tapenadea, punajuuri-tofusalaattia, persianapilan ja mungpavun ituja, sienipataa sekä keltaista tofucurrya. Kuva: Hanna Kärppä
I chose quite a colorful set on my plate: green salad, velvety avocado and beetroot mousse, tapenade, red beet and tofu salad, persian clover, mung bean sprouts, mushroom stew and yellow tofu curry. Photo: Hanna Kärppä

The price of your meal depends on the weight: the buffet costs €22,30 per kilogram and soup €17,30 per kilogram.

Every time I leave Silvoplee, it’s with a big smile. Cheerful customer service, colorful interior and tasty vegetarian and vegan food create a good feeling.

Silvoplee, Toinen linja 7,


Brooklyn Café

The Visit Helsinki Blog introduced this café already four years ago in a blog post. Every time I’m missing New York I head directly to Brooklyn Cafe.

Fredrikinkadulla sijaitseva, suloinen pikkukahvila on kuin suoraan Ison Omenan katukuvasta. Kuva: Hanna Kärppä
The tiny coffee shop on Fredrikinkatu is like straight out of the Big Apple’s street view. Photo: Hanna Kärppä
Asiakaspaikkoja on vain muutama, mutta sen myötä tunnelma on aina lämminhenkinen ja intiimi. Kuva: Hanna Kärppä
There are only a few seats, so the atmosphere is always warm and intimate. Photo: Hanna Kärppä

The café’s employees are accustomed to roasting bagels and blending smoothies in confined spaces, but still manage to serve overwhelmingly friendly every customer.

Brooklyn Cafessa vegaaninkaan ei tarvitse tinkiä herkullisista makuelämyksistä. Kuva: Hanna Kärppä
In Brooklyn Cafe vegans don’t need to compromise on delicious taste sensations. Photo: Hanna Kärppä
Kuva: Hanna Kärppä
Brooklyn Cafe. Photo: Hanna Kärppä

Special coffee can be made in soymilk, and there is always at least one vegan cupcake option. This time they we’re serving super chocolatey ​​Death by Chocolate cupcakes. The cafe owners, sisters Brenda and Sharron, carried the cupcakes by their own hands from their Brklyn Bakery, which is situated in the same street. And oh, how fresh those pastries were!

When you taste Brooklyn Cafe’s vegan cupcakes, you don’t want to eat any longer anything else. These pastries are just beyond delicious. The soft cream above the cupcake is absolutely mouth watering.

Brooklyn Cafe & Bakery, Fredrikinkatu 19,


The Cock

I strongly believe that every Monday should start with a nice little breakfast in the city.

Ja mikäpä olisikaan parempi kohde arjesta pakenemiseen kuin rennon tyylikäs The Cock, jonka aamiaislista on yksi kaupungin parhaimmista. Kuva: Hanna Kärppä
And what would be better destination to little getaway than stylish restaurant The Cock, which breakfast menu must be one of Helsinki’s finest. Photo: Hanna Kärppä

A varied menu offers something for everyone and wont disappoint even vegans. One can, for example, order his coffee or matcha their in coconut, quinoa or almond milk.

One The Cock’s breakfast specialties are smoothies bowls.

Smoothie bowl -vaihtoehtoja on kaksi: jogurttiin tehty Acai sekä kookosmaitoon tehty Matcha, joka sopii vegaanille. Kuva: Hanna Kärppä
There are two options: Acai which is made with yoghurt and Matcha which is made with coconut milk, suitable for vegans. Photo: Hanna Kärppä

The taste of kiwi and avokado makes matcha smoothie bowl fresh. Granola makes the bowl nutritious.

Jos The Cockin aamiaiselta pitää kuitenkin valita yksi suosikki ylitse muiden, on avocado toast ehdoton valinta. Kuva: Hanna Kärppä
However, I should select one must have from The Cock’s breakfast menu, avocado toast is the only choice. Photo: Hanna Kärppä

Normally the bread comes with cream cheese, but you can easily leave it out. These generously sized breads really don’t spare avocado and sprouts, so I can quarantee you wont feel hungry after them.

If the food in The Cock is delicious, so is the interior. Aestheticians can only admire the beautiful décor: the white marble tables are just made for awesome food pics.

The Cock, Fabianinkatu 17,

Written by Hanna Kärppä.

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  • Biju Krishnan

    Two more to the list but these are not downtown. So if you are living in Helsinki for long then these are worth a visit.
    Veggie cafe in Munkiniemmi and vietnameese restaurant wrap & roll @ Mannerheimintie 87. At wrap and roll you can ask for vegan lunch and the restaurant owner helen will give you a small discount. Veggie cafe also has gluten free options.

    • Great additions, thank you Biju!

      Elisabeth / Visit Helsinki

      • Biju Krishnan

        Yet another discovery Kasvisravintola OmNam Annankatu 29 B (sisäpiha), Helsinki

        Try the Indian pancakes on Thursdays for lunch.