Yobot Frozen Yoghurt offers a fun and healthy snack with Finnish influences
Elisabeth Heinrichs April 4, 2012

Töölö has got a fun turquoise rejuvenation! Located on Runeberginkatu street, which mainly is a restaurant street, there is now a newly opened self service yoghurt bar called Yobot Frozen Yoghurt. The idea of a yoghurt bar as such in Helsinki isn’t a novelty but the self service version of it is. Frozen yoghurt is slightly tarter than ice cream, as well as lower in fat due to the use of milk instead of cream.

The sympathetic American owner Tom Beidler, that runs the place on his own, is happy to assist visitors in the use of the yoghurt machine but the machine itself doesn’t differ that much from a normal ice cream machine. On the back wall of the bar there is a pictorial showing the buying process of the yoghurt bar: first one puts yoghurt in a cup, then one chooses the trimmings and then via the scale one goes to the cashier. There are two flavors of yoghurt: vanilla and another flavor that changes on a weekly basis.

One can choose between two sizes of yoghurt cups. The most important is to keep in mind that the price depends on the weight of the portion so it’s good to think about the weight of the trimmings before putting them on top of the yoghurt straight away. There is a wide selection of trimmings, quickly counted a stunning 22 alternatives. They can be divided into three categories: sweet, healthy and exotic trimmings. The Finnish trimmings are e.g. muesli and different Finnish candies. The owner knows to tell that the average price of a portion is 4€.

Source: Yobot Frozen Yoghurt

The yoghurt is made by mixing Italian powder with Finnish dairy products like Valio and Ingman.
Finnish influences are also visible in the interior of the bar. The coffee served at the yoghurt bar comes from Finnish Kaffa Roastery. The colorful and beautiful lamps have been designed and realized by designer Jutta Johansson. The fun and delightful logo and graffiti wall are designed by comic artist and graphic designer Tommi “Tex” Hänninen. Jussi Pakanen was responsible for the realization of the graffiti wall.

Have you already let yourself become infatuated with this yoghurt bar?